Cristiano Ronaldo wins Goal 50 award

"It’s a very big honour for me to have been chosen as the best player. I’m sincerely grateful for this award.

I also want to thank the fans for their support and for their passion for the game, which is what makes this sport so fascinating throughout the world.”

Over and above individual prizes, I have always maintained that it’s the teams, your team-mates and the fans that make each of us better as footballers. Therefore, I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have been able to win this award without the constant support from all the people at Real Madrid.”

My aims for the coming season are the same as always: to fight from the start of every training session to the last minute of every match. My wish is for Real Madrid to lift all of the trophies possible.
Our club, our coaching staff, my great team-mates and myself, we will do everything we possibly can - day in, day out and week in, week out - to bring as much joy as possible to our magnificent fans.

"Football and competition are in my blood."

The Goal 50 is regarded as one of the most credible and respected awards in sport because it is chosen by the world’s biggest football website.
More than 600 Goal journalists from our 35 editions around the world vote to select their top 50 players, giving a truly global view.
2014 Goal 50: 🏆 Cristiano Ronaldo, 2. Arjen Robben, 3. Lionel Messi (full list)




Irina Shayk gets all infatuated while talking about her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo on “E!News” | 22-07-2014 | [x]
Interviewer: Now, you’re also dating one of THE sexiest guys in the world. Soccer-superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. You guys are gorgeous. Is he a romantic guy?
Irina:Yes, very. Well, sometimes I love it when he’s romantic and sometimes…like…it actually depends on my mood. So, he knows that.
Interviewer: Oh, he knows that?
Interviewer: Last quick question for today: Who’s the sexiest celebrity-guy? Besides your boyfriend!
Irina:Hmm…my boyfriend. He’s the only one.
Interviewer: He’s the only one? Awww, that’s so sweet.
Interviewer: Let me ask you…how do you not get jealous? Cause I mean, I have seen Cristiano here, having breakfast, once and all the ladies around were just staring at him. He couldn’t even eat his eggs. I imagine these things become a daily occurance then?
Irina: Well…you know, I think it’s good for a man to look around a little so he can appreciate what he has. You just have to be comfortable and drop all your insecurities. And I am very comfortable. Apart from that, if you’ve been dating for over 4 years, you simply have to trust each other. *smiles*

💕 Irina being Irina, charming, witty and a bit cheeky.